Keto Recipes

That is a Supreme Pizza with actual dough crust (not cauliflower & not cheese!)  It is definitely a family favorite.  I modified a recipe I found, and I made the dough in a bread-maker!!  Technically, I’m still working out a couple things for taste and texture, but it was great and held together like real pizza crust.  Additionally, for some of you die-hard Keto & carb counters, there is much debate to whether the yeast eats up all the honey or not.  If you’re worried about it, you can just skip that amazing recipe, but the yeast of that whole pizza (half the recipe) feeds off 1 teaspoon of honey (6 grams of sugar carbs for the entire pizza, so I took the chance 🙂

I will be adding some of my recipes that I have either modified or created through this Keto adventure. Although DiDi is on a modified Keto diet, I will keep the recipes as close to standard Keto as I can and/or will add notes as necessary to clarify. At this point, I am leaving it up to you to find your own nutrition info since I haven’t gone that far down the rabbit hole yet.

Here are some of my favorite recipes so far…

1.  Supreme Pizza with actual dough crust (not cauliflower & not cheese!)
2.  Cheesecake – One of the best things that ever happened to Keto!!
3.  Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers… I was making these long before Keto came into our lives!
4.  Spicy Ahi Tuna Sushi – Another great thing to happen to Keto. No rice cauliflower in these, just pure awesome!
4+  Shrimp version for people who don’t know that real sushi is Awesome! (Like my husband)
5.  Quick “Cinnamon Cake” in a Cup – modified from a couple other recipes, I made a batch for quite a few Cup Cakes


Cup Cake!



6.  Berry Jam with Chia Seeds (try it on the Cup Cakes!)


7.  Cole Slaw – This is surprisingly good and I’m a Cole Slaw once or twice a year type of person. My family really loves this recipe. I also pour out the excess juices over my salads for a home-made salad dressing.


8.  Zucchini-Cheese Bites




































I will get these recipes up on my site and linked as soon as I can!  I will be traveling Sunday-Monday with my daughter Savannah… to Brisbane, Australia!!  She is competing in an International Track & Field Competition, and of course her #1 fan will be going with her!  (Not to mention she’s 16 and NOT traveling to another continent by herself!)  I imagine I might be able to find a minute or 2 while traveling to make at least a couple of these recipes available!

Enjoy and please drop me a line to let me know what you think!!  All the best to you and your family!