• Introduction

    Easier Than a Book

    For my Nonie and my DiDi for encouraging me to write again.

    This is my very first blog!  I never got back to writing after college, kids, career, etc.  My grandmother (Nonie) always told me that I should continue to write, and then, my daughter and a couple friends told me that I should start a blog to share some of my Keto recipes.  No.  No.  No.  Who has time for a blog?  What the heck is a blog?  It’s not even a pretty word!  Well, I really don’t have the time, and I don’t really know what I’m doing, but… I am going to do my best and see how it goes.

    “Easier Than a Book” was what came to mind when they asked me for a domain name on this, since my first thought on this whole thing was that it has got to be easier than the book I’ve never written.  Since I didn’t grow up to be a stand-up comedian and I don’t know any editors or publishers, I bought myself a 3-year pass to my own website to invest a little in myself and my thoughts, to share my lame humor and mild sarcasm with the world, and hopefully, to bring a smile to someone’s day.  I hope you enjoy my recipes, thoughts, and/or whatever else I come up with.  It’s an open canvas if I can just figure out how to do it!  I’m interested in homesteading, plants and natural remedies, “forgotten arts”, canning, quilting (although I have never done it), quick and easy meals, DIY & re-purposing, veterans organizations, community, faith, and family, but I suppose my biggest interest is my home and my family.

    Our current household is comprised of me, my husband Jim, Savannah at 16, Derrick at 18, and DiDi (aka Alex) who is 22.

    Olive Garden, September 13, 2017 – DiDi, Savannah, Me, Jim, and Derrick.

    Savannah is starting her Junior year of high school in the fall.  Derrick is a recent high school graduate, is on the delayed enlistment program and is scheduled to leave for USMC boot camp in October.  We have other kids that are in and out of the household, and we are constantly on-the-go for sports and school events.  DiDi moved home for a couple months after graduating from a trade school and she had planned her move-out (escape date) in the spring of 2018, but then, there are some things you just don’t plan for.

    Although it is what finally prompted me to get back to my writing, I don’t want to make this blog only about Keto, recipes and healthy eating in my family of picky eaters, but I definitely have a GREAT BIG focus on Keto in my life, and I’m sure you will understand why.  On June 17th Jim, DiDi and I started our Keto adventure, and we are already benefiting from it whether we went into it kicking and screaming or not!  To not be repetitive, you can read my post “Why Keto?” for the answers to what would possess me to switch over to a Keto diet when one of my favorite foods is pasta, check out my pantry and tips, or you can jump straight into the recipes I’ve posted so far.  I do think I’ve found enough family-pleasing recipes to make this Keto thing possible (pizza, cheesecake & chocolate syrup helps a lot), but it definitely took some work!  Keto pasta will happen someday.  I can feel it!

    So a book, a blog, some thoughts, my story.  I really just hope I’ll write something useful or inspiring, and maybe you’ll follow along.